How Can You Organize Your Bedroom for a Good Sleep? Try Out the Simplest Things!

Make your bedroom a clean, elegantly designed space dedicated to acheive a relaxing slumber — a bedroom where everything from the bedsheets to the scent in the air is carefully chosen to spread the feelings of peace, relaxation, and sleep. You must have the blackout shades in your room but that’s not enough! There are many other things to consider i.e. from smart storage solutions to your bedtime rituals that can help you turn your bedroom into a peaceful sleeping zone.

Always be careful about keeping the things on your nightstand – Keep your nightstands, clean, simple, and clutter-free, and place just a few of these bedtime items on them:

  • Your current read (book).
  • A cup of herbal tea or a water jug.
  • Vase of fresh flowers.
  • An unlit candle with a relaxing scent (do try lavender!)

Avoid fussy details and make it comfortable – Too many unnecessary details i.e. sequins, beadings, or scratchy and stiff bedding cloths, more or less, are responsible for a restless night’s sleep. When you choose a bedding material, just make sure that the cloth is delightfully touchable — a cozy cashmere throw and crisp cotton bedsheets can be perfect!

  • Linen is also very good for summers and it can last forever if taken care of. It feels smooth, quite soft, and sometimes nubby (rough) too, so try to feel your sheets in person before you buy them.
  • If you like the crisp bedsheets, then you should go for cotton percale bedspreads. This classic fabric type is firm, smooth, and perfect for warm weather.
  • You can also buy cotton sateen bedsheets/throws as their fabric is very soft, smooth, and gives a silky feel. But it’s not a good choice in hot weather.

Make a habit of following these soothing bedtime rituals –

  • Try mixing a drop of rose or lavender oil in water for a relaxing bath.
  • Make a cup of herbal tea (try chamomile with honey, its best!)
  • Read something peaceful i.e. a few beautiful poems or an inspirational book that can leave you to feel soothing or uplifting.
  • Over the last hour before bedtime, lower the lights gradually, ending with just a candle, and then blow it out while sleeping.
  • Spray the lavender scent on your bedsheets and pillows.
  • Make a relaxing playlist and listen to it each night before sleeping.

Carpeting your bedroom? Or a big No?

Carpeting feels plush underfoot, making it amazing to step out on first thing in the morning. It gives your bedroom a clean look. But if you are someone with a dust allergy, carpet is not for you and it’s nearly impossible to keep a dust-free carpet, so it’s better to skip it. If you like the carpet feeling but on the other hand, you can thoroughly clean the floors often, then go for a washable area rug to avoid hard flooring.

No TV in the bedroom – TV screens emit a blue light that makes sleeping difficult. Keep the TV and other electronic devices out of the bedroom, and make a habit of reading a real book (not an e-book) before sleeping.

Keep the air clean – If you have any allergy or you’re allergy-free, sleeping in a cleaner place can be very beneficial. Try doing the below-mentioned things to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and pure all year long:

  • Open the windows at least for 30 minutes each morning to air out space.
  • Always go for fibers, materials, and scents that don’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Do vacuum and dust cleaning weekly (including the under bed area), more often if you have any allergy.
  • Use an air purifier for cleaning the air and to make your room free from dust and pollen pollutants.
  • Keep your bedroom a no-shoe area.
  • Keep indoor plants in your bedroom (rubber plants are really good for cleaning the air)


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