Buy Once But Buy Well!

There is a saying of Scandinavians about buying furniture and furnishings for their homes, and it says that “Buy Once, but Buy Well”. The interior trends change every year. The new ones come while the old trends go, but there are still some things which you should always consider and it’s worth investing in such things – both for perennial style and practicality.

The number one and the most significant household item required for your home and well-being is a nice bed. Keeping in mind that we spend about a third of our lives in our beds. To start with buying a quality bed, with a good mattress and bed base. A quality bed, with a comfortable mattress and bed linen, will give a perfect start and end to your day.

Secondly, a well-designed sofa is essential for both comfort and style of your home. Buy a good sofa so it should last for about 10-20 years. Buy once but buy well! Don’t go for the bad quality but cheap things as it won’t beneficial in the long run. Always buy a sofa by considering your usage and whether you have children and pets etc. If your sofa usage is more, and you also have children and pets at your home – consider buying a sofa in a darker color, and hard-working fabric such as linen.

The third big-ticket and an important thing for your house is a dining room set. With this purchase, just be careful of slavishly following trends. A high-quality dining table will last for years, in fact, it could outlive you – so you should not get stuck with the ongoing trends when it comes to a dining table. For longevity, choose a table that is a well-crafted table, elegantly designed, and preferably made of hardwood.

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